As we make our way in the world, we like to think we know what is what, and that functions are self-evident: Clothes are for wearing, ribbons are for tying, and hula- hoops are made for twirling.

At A La Mode, we are all about defying expectations! Sure, the fabrics we find in our favorite shops throughout Israel and Europe are technically made for clothing, but what happens if we use them as a vibrant candy-table backdrop?  Would Missoni object?


And what might occur if we take those colorful ribbons, normally made for tying knots, and let them, ever so naturally, caress the stems of flowers in a creative table design?


Even that quintessential childhood accessory – the hula hoop – can be covered in leaves and brimming with flowers, and then hung from the ceiling as the most magnificent  floral chandelier.


So to our dear clients, expect the unexpected and dream the unimaginable as we work on our upcoming debut of the most exciting and couture design in the new round of events 2016-2017!