Meet the Designers

À la mode is run by two sisters, Nessia and Daphna, who grew up in the glamorous city of New York.  They spent a good deal of their childhood looking at art, whether in the city’s world class museums, while window-shopping on Fifth Avenue, or on their living room walls.  Their distinctive style grew out of living in New York at a time when the city’s Minimalism was emerging, but they also have experience working with a variety of clients of different backgrounds and aesthetic preferences.  They both live in Modiin, Israel, where they have managed to fuse Israeli, European and American culinary and aesthetic tastes in one of a kind dessert creations and events.

What made you decide to open À la Mode?

Nessie: From a very young age I loved to create. And there’s nothing more fun than planning and pulling together a party.  In Israel, there are so many fun ways to create a stunning event—the flowers, the tableware, the accessories, table linens, the candles—that we wanted to provide our clients with an experience of pure delight.

Daphna: I was also excited about offering people the opportunity to just show up to their party, rather than have to plan all those important details on their own, when they are worrying about their family coming in, a new baby or the challenges of arranging an important corporate event. This way our clients feel comfortable that everything is being managed, and that their guests have a wonderful time with delicious food and small details that transform the event from just another night to a memorable evening.

Tell us your favorite part of planning an event:

Daphna: I really enjoy working with a color scheme and looking for different elegant and unusual ways to combine them with all the other elements on a table.  That is how we create a couture event!

Nessie: I love putting it all together!  After creating the desserts, shopping for accessories, arranging the flowers, and tying the bows – I love seeing the final result which is a  custom-made designer party!